What is a Certified Senior Housing Professional?

I help older adults or their caregiver children with the sale of a long-held family home.

Older adults on the North Side of Chicago deserve to work with a professional who truly understand their unique fears, needs, concerns, and goals - and not just those related to moving or selling a beloved home.

It is my job and honor to be more than a typical realtor. My focus is on serving as a trusted adviser that help seniors or their caregiver children understand their options when considering the sale of a family home and move to another in Chicago.

I have achieved the designation of Certified Senior Housing Professional of The Seniors Real Estate Institute.

My job is to be a caring advocate, skilled real estate agent, and master collaborator, in addition to a guide and consultant.

We've also put together an extensive network of other professionals who serve seniors in the move process, making it easier for us to refer you to others like accountants, tax professionals, moving services, home health providers, and adult living communities.

Please feel free to contact me here at anytime for a no-obligation chat and details on how we may be of service with your home sale and move.